Royer's History:

In The Begining:
Neil and Berniece Royer (Founders) Started Neil Royer Plumbing and Heating out of their garage in 1955. The business moved to the American Legion building one block north a few years later. In 1970 the business again moved to its present location at 44 South Main St.
Over 50 Years Experience:

With over 50 years experience we are very diversified and can do both commercial and residential plumbing and heating. We have provided 24hr emergency service since inception. We have been doing Geothermal installations since 1995. The most recent addition to our services is video inspection.

Royer's Inc. will continue to grow and provide quality, professional, service for our customers for many years to come.

Left is Neil and Berniece Royer

Our Employees are a Very Important part of our Business:

Presently the business employees ten full time employees with one part time employee.

Left is the first Royer's employee, Merlyn Huset. Who, during World War II, was a driver for General Douglas MacArthur.

Below is Merlyn Huset standing at attention as General MacArthur enters the car followed by the General's aid Colonel Wheeler.

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Early Plumbers in Winnebago


Neil Royer began his own plumbing business in the 1950's starting work from his garage and eventually moving the business from the old school house (now the sheet metal shop for Royer's) to the current location at 44 South Main Street.

The building at 44 South Main Street was originally Winnebago's Opera House. At that time there was an additional story on the building, which later burned. In it's history it was also home to Murphy's Ford Dealership and Doolittle Decorating.


Loft & Crammer was an old, well established business at the time Neil Royer came to Winnebago. They specialized in well work and plumbing. The business was located in the northwest corner of what is now the Crosswinds Tavern (Legion) parking lot. They owned the1928 green pick-up truck now owned by the Dick Royer family. Interestingly, this pick-up was also owned and used by the Winnebago Hatchery and was used as the VFW clown car for Winnebago's Centennial parade.


Wes Mahler was also in business in Winnebago's plumbing profession. One of his children is Thelma Davis.


Ray & Ed Ballard Another early plumber in town was Ray & his son Ed Ballard. Their business was believed to have been established in town after WW II.


Don Lindgren began a sheet metal business "Don Lindgren Plumbing & Heating". Neil Royer worked for a time for Mr. Lindgren. This business was bought out by Guy Jenkins.